How to Increase Technology Power in the Age of Origins?

In the Age of Origins, technology power plays a vital role in determining the strength and potential of your civilization. 

As you progress through the game, increasing your technology power becomes crucial for gaining an edge in battles, unlocking new research options, and constructing advanced structures. 

This article will explore practical strategies to boost technological power and establish civilization as a formidable force.

Researching Technologies:

Researching new technologies is the cornerstone of advancing your technology power. Each technology you unlock substantially increases your strength and grants access to new buildings and units. 

To research technology, you’ll need research points, which can be obtained by completing quests, winning battles, and looting enemy cities. 

Prioritize researching essential technologies that align with your civilization’s goals and strengths.

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Upgrading Buildings:

Upgrading your buildings is another critical method to bolster your technology power. Each building upgrade offers a slight power increase and can unlock new technologies. 

Wisely invest your resources in upgrading buildings that align with your chosen strategy and overall game plan. As your facilities improve, so will your general technology power.

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Building Advanced Structures:

Advanced structures represent the pinnacle of technological prowess in the Age of Origins. Constructing these impressive buildings requires high technology power, but the rewards are substantial. 

Advanced structures significantly boost your technology power and provide various other benefits, such as increased resource production and military strength. Prioritize building these structures when your technology power reaches the required level.

Joining an Alliance:

Forming or joining an alliance can dramatically impact your technology power. Partnerships facilitate resource sharing, research collaboration, and troop support. 

Working with allies can expedite the research process and provide access to resources you might not have. 

Moreover, alliances offer protection against aggressive enemies, enhancing your civilization’s overall stability and progress.

Participating in Events:

Events in the Age of Origins offer valuable opportunities to boost technology power. Participate actively in resource-gathering events, technology research events, and battle events. 

These events often provide bonus rewards, including extra research points and resources. Engaging in affairs not only accelerates your progress but also adds an element of excitement to the gameplay.

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Tips for Increasing Technology Power:

Here are some additional tips to optimize your journey toward increased technology power:

Strategic Research: 

Prioritize researching technologies that align with your civilization’s unique strengths and objectives. Choose wisely to maximize the impact of each research endeavor.

Continuous Building Upgrades: 

Regularly upgrade your buildings to keep pace with your civilization’s growth: the more advanced your structures, the higher your technology power.

Optimal Resource Management: 

Efficiently manage your resources to ensure a steady supply for research, building upgrades, and advanced structure construction.

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Effective Event Participation: 

Plan your gameplay around events, making the most of their bonus rewards. Engage actively and strategically in events to increase your technology power faster.


In the Age of Origins, technology power is a crucial metric of your civilization’s advancement and strength. 

By diligently researching technologies, upgrading buildings, constructing advanced structures, joining alliances, and participating in events, you can rapidly increase your technology power and establish a formidable civilization. 

Embrace these strategies and tips to rise above the competition and become dominant in the Age of Origins.

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Can I research multiple technologies simultaneously to increase my technology power faster?

In the Age of Origins, you can research multiple technologies simultaneously. The research process for each technology operates independently, allowing you to pursue various research paths at once. This approach can significantly boost your technology power, as you can focus on both essential and supporting technologies concurrently. However, remember that research points are limited, so prioritize the most critical technologies first and distribute your resources wisely.

Is upgrading existing buildings or constructing new ones to increase technology power better?

Upgrading existing buildings and constructing new ones can increase your technology power. Upgrading facilities provides gradual and consistent growth in management while constructing new advanced structures offers substantial boosts. To optimize your strategy, focus on a balanced approach. Regularly upgrade key buildings to maintain steady progress while working towards building advanced systems that require higher technology power levels. This combination will allow you to experience continuous growth in technology power.

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How can alliances help me increase my technology power?

Alliances are crucial in enhancing your technology power in the Age of Origins. By joining an alliance, you can access valuable resources and research points shared among alliance members. Collaborating with your allies allows you to accelerate research, build advanced structures faster, and strengthen overall civilization. Additionally, alliances offer protection against aggressive foes and the opportunity for coordinated attacks, securing your civilization’s progress and safety.

What are the benefits of participating in events for increasing technology power?

Participating in events provides several benefits that can boost your technology power. Resource-gathering events offer increased resource yields, allowing you to allocate more resources to research and building upgrades. Technology research events often grant bonus research points, accelerating your technological advancement. Battle events can yield valuable rewards, including resources and technology boosts. Engaging in affairs actively and strategically can expedite your progress towards a higher technology power level.

Are there any penalties for neglecting technology research and upgrades in the Age of Origins?

Neglecting technology research and building upgrades can hinder your civilization’s growth and limit your potential in the Age of Origins. Without researching new technologies, you’ll miss critical advancements, limiting your military capabilities, resource production, and access to advanced structures. Additionally, neglecting building upgrades may lead to a stagnation of your civilization’s overall development. As other players progress and enhance their technology power, you may be disadvantaged in battles and competitions. Consistent research and upgrades are essential to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of the Age of Origins.

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